Bloggers Boogie

This weeks mood is, slow songs.  A few of my fav’s!


If you would like to boogie with us, head over to the Dove’s blog and join in!


Owl Quilt

I finished this quilt in 2011, but don’t think I ever blogged it.  So here it is, progress shot and all 🙂

DSCF4199 DSCF4200 DSCF4218 DSCF4343  DSCF4348 DSCF4350

I love this quilt, and if I could work out who stole my book that the pattern came from, I would make another.  Why oh why must people steal things.  I would have lent the book to them.  Heck it only cost me $12, I would have given it to them after I had copied down the pattern for this quilt.  *sad face* It’s now going to cost me $22 to replace it.

Fat Quarter Shop Block of the Month 2012

In 2012 a few of my Quilting buddies and I, decided to do the Fat Quarter Shop BOM.  And it’s now 1/2 way through 2013 and I’m only half way through.  Beesome has completed her quilt top. Miss Dove has been making her blocks improv style.  And Kirsty has just informed me she is up to block 5.  But she hasn’t blogged about it all yet.

Here are my blocks so far…..

DSCF4523 DSCF4524 DSCF4525 DSCF4526 DSCF4527 DSCF4528

Stumbling around the internet, Beesome found an alternate layout, which Miss Dove then pinned, which I then saw.  And I love it.  So while I try to complete the rest of these blocks this week (they take forever to cut) I will have my thinking cap on as to how I would like to finish my quilt top.

The alternate Layout – Messygoat